Sketched pyzza

An easy to use queue system for laboratory networks

RunnerPyzza is built for laboratory where standardized bioinformatics protocols are often used and it's meant to be used from any member of the lab (yes, even the not-so-skilled ones).
Although developed for biology labs, it could be used as a generalized queue manager.

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RunnerPyzza runs in unix based environments, as most of the bioinformatic softwares
A flexible Client - Server model
The beta version has a simple command line client, but thanks to our PyzzaProtocol, any kind of client can be created: GUIs and web interfaces, anything to simplify the tedious and repetitives bioinformatics tasks!
Make your own cloud
The jobs can run on as many machines you want: they just need to use a NFS (network file system) to exchange files.
Why the logo is a pizza?
Because we saw the similarity between a protocol (a series of single tasks) and a pizza (which can be divided in slices). Oh, and because we are italian!

Brought to you by

RunnerPyzza is a side-project of two PhD students:

Emilio potenza
Phd student @ iasma
aemilius1984 AT gmail DOT com

Marco Galardini
Phd student @ unifi
galactus8403 AT gmail DOT com

Quick how-to

  1. RunnerPyzza server installation on the main machine
  2. python sdist
    sudo pip install dist/RunnerPyzza-X.X.X.tar.gz
    sudo RPadduser
    sudo RPaddservice
  3. Cloud setup (edit /etc/runnerpyzza/RPdaemon.conf and check that all the machines are connected through NFS)
  4. sudo service runnerpyzza restart
  5. Recipe creation (no tool available for now, but you can start from the example file)
  6. Order your beloved pyzza!
  7. RPlauncher auto YourRecipe.xml
  8. RPlauncher offers also the opportunity to launch single commands
  9. RPlauncher init YourRecipe.xml
    RPlauncher start Margherita_XXXX
    RPlauncher status Margherita_XXXX
    RPlauncher results Margherita_XXXX
    RPlauncher clean Margherita_XXXX
  10. If something goes wrong you can check the main server log (/etc/runnerpyzza/log/RPdaemon.log